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  • .September 3, 2009 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    hello all!
    amanda is here to updateee! hahas.
    hmm, where should i start from? oh yes, yesterday.
    well, yesterday was 'try other CCA' day.
    i went football with natasha,nicole and nadirah. eliz was there too.
    but the sun was super Hot, so slacked with nicole instead.
    after that ended, aileen told us that that night's belated teachers day dinner @ Chong Pang was cancelled.
    sian luhs, so in the end went to tpy for dinner with ;
    angeline, natasha, nila, nicole, jun wei, melvin, royston.
    1st stop was- Pizza Hut, took like 30 minutes to order the food lah. cos we were super dumb, didnt know what to order. =.=
    2nd stop was- Mac, cos not full yet. so we snacked at the same time discuss the OAC shirt together. was fun!~
    after that headed for home.
    today, seemed like a longgg day.
    lessons on thrusday(s) are just sooo boring.
    BB class is $%#%$ ! hahahahas.
    after school went store, blah blah blah.
    then decided go Fork & Spoon with Batch 13.
    like so sudden lah, we all become so close , eating together.
    we bought our keychains too!
    *ding dong ding dong* as we walked. LOL. attract attention luh.
    tomorrow is like the last day of the term then is the holidays.
    i still not sure if i going tuition tomorrow or saturday. ;D
    kays, byeee!~~
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