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  • .July 13, 2009 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    i do not know why but i've been feeling sooo tired lately.
    sleeping in class when the teacher is not around and falling asleep even when i am at home watching TV!~ grr. this sucks. i hate the feeling of sleepy-ness.
    not enough sleep i guess? but i sleep around 11+pm, its counted early already kay.
    just now while watching 'entertainment tonight' on Channel 5,i doze of again=.=
    anyways,Science was the first lesson today again! we counted the 'alrights' again.
    But,today, she broke her record!
    59 'Alrights' in 45 minutes.
    *claps claps*! hahas, as usual our reaction to it was dumb yet funnyyy.
    ohkays, thats all for today. byeee, ;D
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