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  • .July 26, 2009 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    hello all, update again!

    yesterday , nothing much lo. only went with family in the evening to takashimaya.
    went for dinner at 'Central' then mummy went to buy this wok(?) .
    i alone walk walk around, cos follow them super sian de. mummy bought a top for me. hahas.
    we walk in taka walk until almost half of the shopping centre dark !(cos closing)

    today went to funan to upgrade the speed of our notebook followed by Ikea and anchorpoint.
    Ikea to buy lamp shade and daddy wanted to get some things for his office.
    anchorpoint, shop shop. nothing much lah, all boring stuffs =.=

    tomorrow is schooooollll.
    Ah, sian. must wake up early again. it sucks luh.. this 2 days have been waking up like 10+am?
    LOL. theres test tomorrow i guess... die already lah.
    ohkays.. bye!
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  • Amanda is the name,060295 was when vision was made possible for me.
    14 yrs old
    totally love my BABES , shopping and JUSTIN BIEBER!

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