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  • .December 4, 2008 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    in lounge again..mummy says rest here for awhile den go eat dinner.
    lols.she tired frm shopping alr =.=
    yeaps,juz now went to 'the gardens mall' nth much de lo..all branded stuffs de..went to isetan bought a padini shirt...quite nice lo.. so bought 2 shirts le..i dunno y but i find tht th tings here dun really suit i guess buyin somemore clothes frm spore(chinese new yr clothes)...
    tmr gg bak le :( lols. 50-50 looking forward...coz can check my hp!!!!!! i wanna win winwin~
    but i'll miss tis place..parents say tht we will come bak again.. :D (put a smile on my face) .
    okks. gg dinner
    pics upload tmr :)
    FEI LUN HAI concert:15 days more.
    ** moree countdowns pleasee? (:
    last fullstop@8:18 PM

    !anything wrong?,clickhere! . (:
    person LOVE me .
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  • Amanda is the name,060295 was when vision was made possible for me.
    14 yrs old
    totally love my BABES , shopping and JUSTIN BIEBER!

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