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    okkayys ppl gonna blog bout few tings. first:
    today went to pasir ris wif angeline,nadirah,shanneen & mrs teng to booked th chalet for th class.
    all thanks to mrs teng yeahhs? she helped us pay th $$ 1st. thanks a mil .me & angeline met at tpy to eat lunch 1st den l8r shanneen &nadirah joined us.we met mrs teng at pasir ris inter. hahas,after lunch we took bus 88 to pasir ris.FYI,th bus ride to pasir ris frm tpy was an extraordinary long ride.! its frm one end to another!!! hahas. we sat on th bus seat until our butts hurt! lols. nt so serious uhhs,but th scenery was nicee & i have nt taken such long bus ride it was cool! when we reach there,we made th payment & asked if we could see th room.BTW,th place is called'ARNANDA COUNRTY CLUB'.some kind person took us to one of th room to see-see-look-look. th room was nice,clean&BIGG.its like a normal it was totally air-conditioned.! cool-ness! after all th chalet tingy,we went to walk around down town east.ohhs ya, th chalet is VERY near down town east. we wanted to go escape theme park nxt week wif our class,it wil b on a fri(30 oct) but found out tht its closed on fri:(saddeds. so we r findin/votin for another activity. i voted for bowlin.its fun&cheap uhs. after tht we walked to pasir ris inter,mrs teng took mrt bak 1st den th rest walked around white sands. went to lemon tee and bought earrings.walked walked walked.sian le,den take mrt hm.mrt is much faster den butt pain luhhs. reached tpy,shanneen&nadirah went hm den me& angeline went to buy some finger food and walked. sian le,den go hm.

    around 6+ met mum at raffles city there for dinner. went to eat at susih tei. we went there and they said tht it was full hse. so we asked them to call us when there was an avaliable table.guess howw long we waitied for? 1 hr ++ le. but we shopped around first lahhs,so time passed kinda fast.den around 8pm th person called us & told us tht our table was readyy. hahas, we were hungry le,so we 'choing' to th restuarant.!heeheesx) ate ate bill ? $ v.nicee lorhx. den after dinner went to city link to walked;bought ice-cream at gelare and continued walking,after ice-cream finished,we took mrt hm :) thts how today ended:D
    skools out! mummy says tht i m gonna rot at hm durin th many months of holidae, miss skool? a lil lahhs. but i m sure some days wil b out wif retarddeds de. so nt WHOLE month at hm derhx. tmr gt climbin trainin,haiish.:(
    at 8.45am muz wake up early uhhs. okks. gonna go visit other webbys le, buai!
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